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Safety For All


Physical Safety


HBA takes the current climate seriously, recognizing the possibilities of physical danger or violence. Though it is impossible to guard from every danger, we have taken steps to prepare for potential situations that may endanger children.

  • Our buildings remain locked at all times.

  • Our teachers and staff members participate in child safety training every year, and our safety team routinely participates in even more specialized training.

  • Both Preschool and Elementary grades regularly drill for fire, tornado, earthquake, and emergency lockdown procedures.

  • We have recently installed video cameras throughout the exterior of the building.

  • Multiple teachers and staff are Red Cross certification.

Emotional and Relational Safety


We promise to LOVE your child. This is at the core of who we are, and it really means something to us. If you enroll at Heritage, we will treat your child (and you, as a parent) as a person—part of the family—with respect and care.


As we work together, we will seek to make your child feel relationally and emotionally safe here—safe to struggle, safe to fail, safe under the care of their authority. Throughout the process of a school year, your child will be loved and discipled.

  • We will strive to start from a position of trust: we give the benefit of the doubt and hesitate against making assumptions.

  • We will strive to engage, to serve: Christ showed his love by serving, put us before Himself. Our duty it to serve our students, even as we lead them. We call it servant-leadership. The faculty we have does not work here for a job and a paycheck. They view their task as a ministry.

  • We will strive to make ourselves available: we will listen and will welcome student and parent interaction.

Spiritual Safety


An aspect of safety that is greatly overlooked is our spiritual well being. As a Christian institution, we understand that nurturing our soul is a vital task. God is real, even though we do not see Him.  He is the reason why we have a Christian school. 

  • We maintain a high view of Scripture, teaching from a biblical perspective and encouraging students to develop a biblical worldview.

  • On matters of preference, we point students to their pastors and their parents.

  • Our academic curriculum is integrated with biblical truth.

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